Men's Group

A group of men from various backgrounds who are in need of befriending, advocacy and social contact get together once a week on Tuesdays at CCAWS office or at a convenient public place.  Its a 2 hours session and open to any one who may benefit. 

Researching client issues
Contacting on behalf
Informing about rights
Exploring available options
Proactive community research

Our Role

We facilitate the sessions and provide the men attending with a light refreshments and a safe space to gather. Our Admin team assists the attendees to make informed decisions about specific issues.
This includes:

• Researching information around the client’s issue
• Contacting professionals and organisations on the client’s behalf
• Informing the client about their rights
• Exploring the options with the client, so that they can make an informed choice
• Signposting clients to relevant organisations

• Keeping accurate notes of conversations with the client and actions taken


We believe we are a one stop service and try our best to meet our clients needs holistically. Mental health and wellbeing are impacted by multiple factors. Issues such as housing, money problems, unemployment, work related stress, education, social isolation, lack of access to services, can all play a part, so we do our best to help bridge this through our advocacy service. We also formally advocate for client needs, by either voicing concerns on their behalf, or in writing. 

Advocacy is always client led, and we only take the steps our clients want us to take for them. As an example, this can be voicing client concerns to health and social care services. Many people feel disempowered by the system and need a voice to advocate for them, particularly when it comes to language and cultural issues.

If you feel our advocacy service can help you or someone you know, please call us to discuss.

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All of our services are confidential, non-judgemental and client led.